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About GoUrl.io

Founded in 2014, Gourl.io is a global provider of online cryptocurrency payment solutions.

Gourl.io is a payment platform where vendors and consumers can transact with each other, backed by the new bitcoin/altcoin payment protocols.

We currently have over 18,000+ registered companies/vendors from all over the world and we are steadily getting more and more websites using our bitcoin/altcoin gateway every day. See wordpress bitcoin plugins compare

Our gateway is based on a different technology than standard gateways. It is fully able to integrate with Internet website pages, no external payment pages open (as other payment gateways offer) and is more friendly for use by end website visitors.

The main attraction of our gateway is it is easy to use with detailed statistics, open source, reliable, website owners / vendors receive bitcoins directly in their wallets, no bank account needed, no conversion to fiat money. You can convert received bitcoins to USD/EUR/etc later. See instruction

As additional security we do not keep any customer's money (bitcoins/altcoins) on our servers. All received payments are automatically forwarded to vendor's external wallet addresses within the next 30 minutes. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL encryption) to keep transaction information safe. This gives additional protection to our customers against hackers, etc.

Gourl.io, Bitcoin Payment Gateway is managed by Delta Consultants Ltd (registration number #11755)

Managed by:

Delta Consultants Ltd

8 Copthall
Roseau Valley
The Commonwealth of Dominica

Software Development

Delta Consultants was incorporated in 2006 (certificate of Incorporation) and offers various software development services.

Transformation of a great innovative idea into a profitable product is a challenging process.

Delta Consultants takes care of all aspects of the product development cycle including; R&D, prototyping, testing, maintenance, and support.

We help companies to build software products they can sell to their customers.

Depending on the area of the software, we adapt software products to multiple platforms and devices.

Additionally, we can help you build your own Payment Gateway similar to GoUrl.io . Read here

Company "Certificate of Good Standing"

Certificate of Good Standing

Company "Certificate of Good Standing" for 2020 year - view certificate
Company "Certificate of Good Standing" for 2019 year - view certificate
Company "Certificate of Good Standing" for 2018 year - view certificate
Company "Certificate of Good Standing" for 2017 year - view certificate
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Some of Our Other Projects

Our software development team has been designing, developing, fielding and supporting web applications for over 20 years



Our popular MyIP.ms database provides a variety of information for webmasters and world internet users (Visited by 100,000+ people per day)

chrome flags
Flags Google Chrome


Free Add-on to your Browser - Shows website country and how many Visitors are visiting any world website (chrome store - 55,000 downloads)



Thousands of different wholesale products in Gcoupon global business marketplace which are offered to members at discount prices

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