Bitcoin Affiliate Program for PHP

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Affiliate Program for PHP/ASP/JSON/etc Developers

  • GoUrl Cryptocoin & Bitcoin Payment Processor/Gateway is an open source crypto payment system. You are free to modify, sell it and add new functionality - create new scripts, software, plugins/add-ons for Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc with GoUrl Cryptocoin & Bitcoin Payment Processor/Gateway. It will popularize GoUrl Cryptocoin Gateway - allowing more users/companies/website owners to accept bitcoin and other payments online on their own websites. (Cryptocoin payments can be easily converted to USD, read here).
  • Our affiliate program is Free to join and we offer lifetime cryptocoin/bitcoin affiliate revenue to Web Developers and Web Designers - earn 33.3% lifetime revenue share - 0.50% of the total volume of cryptocoin payments (bitcoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin sv, litecoin, dogecoin, etc) made by users through your plugin/software with GoUrl Cryptocoin/Bitcoin Payment Gateway.
  • You can create Software/Scripts/Plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ASP, C#, Windows, Linux, Java, PHP Plugins, etc with GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway, publish it in any plugin's directories and start to get lifetime Bitcoin/other cryptocoins 0.50% from each crypotcoin/bitcoin payment made by users through your software with GoUrl Payment Gateway, which will be used by other users on internet websites.
  • In each of your script/plugin with GoUrl Cryptocoin Gateway simply include your unique GoUrl affiliate key (webdev_key variable, class cryptobox.class.php) and use it in your clients projects or promote your scripts/plugins on the Internet.
  • Users will download your software and use it on their own websites - accepting bitcoin/cryptocoin payments online.
  • Our payment server automatically tracks all affiliate keys and will automatically send you 0.50% from all cryptocoin payments which will be made through your script with your affiliate key. (your script/s can be used on many websites and you will automatically receive affiliate revenue from each crypto payment received by all those sites).
  • Our commission is 1.5% from users for all payment transactions and 0.50% (33.3% of the 1.5% total payment amount) from which will be paid to you . I.e. it does not affect end users and we will pay you your affiliate fees from our own transaction commission.

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