Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

bitcoin affiliate programs

GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Affiliate Programs

We have different bitcoin affiliate programs for all types of users - end users, web developers, website owners etc. Please select the affiliate program most suitable for you below. All affiliate programs provide the same amount of affiliate commissions: 0.50% for each transaction.

Earnings: 33.3%  lifetime revenue share - 0.50% from each bitcoin/altcoin payment made by users through GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway installed on various websites
Period: Lifetime
Method of pay: Directly to your/your user wallet address
Pay date: Daily
Min payout:0.01 BTC for bitcoin and ~0.01 USD for other coins
Statistics: Yes
How it Works: Our own commission is 1.5% from users for all payment transactions and this 0.50% (33.3% of the 1.5% total payment amount) will be paid through any affiliate program below to you/your affiliate users. I.e. it does not affect end customers and we pay these affiliate fees from our own transaction commission.
Tracking: Simply use GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway on websites, or add Bitcoin Gateway to wordpress plugin/s, php scripts and share it. GoUrl will automatically track all purchases on various websites with any GoUrl affiliate key and it will automatically send 0.50% from customer payment to affiliate user. It is easy!

Simple Bitcoin/Altcoin Affiliate Instruction -

  1. Get new Gourl Affiliate Key here
  2. Place it in the variable webdev_key. See screenshot or live PHP Examples.


Our payment server automatically tracks all affiliate keys and will automatically send you 0.50% from all bitcoin/altcoin payments which will be made through your script with your affiliate key. (your script/s can be used on many websites and you will automatically receive affiliate revenue from each crypto payment received by all those sites).

Our Five! Bitcoin Affiliate Programs -

Program TypeAffiliate Program Description
1. "Referral A Friend" for Website Owners

You can run an Affiliate Program on your website and offer a lifetime affiliate commission 0.50% from the total amount of payments to affiliate user if customer/buyer or seller was referred by them to your website.
We are ready to pay that affiliate commissions to your users ourselves.
This will make your website much more attractive and help to advertise your website on the internet.
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2. Affiliates for Web Developers GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway is an open source crypto payment system. You are free to modify, sell it and add new functionality - create new scripts, software, plugins/add-ons for Websites with GoUrl Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway.
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3. Affiliates for WP Webmasters If you are a webmaster and install GoUrl payment gateway on any website - you can install our ready-to-use GoUrl Bitcoin Gateway for WooCommerce, add your affiliate key (file gourl-woocommerce.php, line 651, replace $affiliate_key = GOURLWC_AFFILIATE_KEY; TO $affiliate_key = "...your_gourl_affiliate_key...";) and get lifetime commissions from us. We respect your work in the integration cryptocoin secure payments (WooCommerce with Bitcoin/Altcoin payments).
It's easy!

4. Affiliates for Wordpress Theme Developers Bitcoin/Altcoin Promotion Program for Wordpress Theme Developers - add support GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway for Woocommerce in your wordpress theme by default.
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5. Affiliates for Wordpress Plugin Developers You can easily integrate Bitcoin payments to your own wordpress plugin using our official wordpress plugin bitcoin gateway (for example, if you have "membership plugin" - you can offer premium membership for bitcoin/altcoin using our wordpress bitcoin gateway). You need to add a few lines of code to your plugin (gourl bitcoin payment gateway with Affiliate Program for you - 33.3% lifetime revenue share ) and bitcoin/altcoin payments will be automatically used in your plugin.
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We offer Free Support in the integration of our GoUrl Crypto Payment Gateway in your scripts/plugins/themes/website.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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