GoUrl Wordpress Plugin Translations

GoUrl Languages and Translations

WordPress automatically use a translation for any GoUrl plugin (if a translation exists) for the language that your site is using. If translation for specific GoUrl plugin does not exist, you will see the plugin text in English.

If you'd like to use your GoUrl in another language, but your WordPress site is still in English, you first need to configure the WordPress to use another language. Read here

Using the instructions below you can easily create a new plugin translation in your own language. You don't need to translate all the text in plugin. For example, you can translate/customise text in plugin which will only be visible to your users. Plugin will automatically provide text in English if your translation/customisation is not found.

If you translate all the text in any of our plugins into your own language, please send us a copy of the translation file on email and we will add it to the next release of that specific plugin.

How to translate plugin

  1. Install any GoUrl plugin on your Wordpress website
  2. Download and open POEdit
  3. Download original English PO files -

    Plugin NameEnglish Text File
    Gourl Main Plugin gourl-default.po »
    Gourl WooCommerce Plugin gourl-woocommerce-default.po »
    Gourl EasyDigitalDownloads Plugin gourl-edd-default.po »
    Gourl PaidMembershipsPro Plugin gourl-paidmembershipspro-default.po »
    Gourl bbPress Plugin gourl-bbpress-default.po »
    Gourl Give Donation Plugin gourl-give-default.po »
    Gourl AppThemes Plugin gourl-appthemes-default.po »
    Webmaster Spelling Notifications Plugin gourl-spelling-default.po »
    For other plugins, please contact us
  4. POEdit - click menu File -> OPEN (select any PO files downloaded above)
  5. Click menu Catalogue -> Properties -> select your language in Language field and click OK
  6. Find your language code here (WP LOCALE). For example, for French localisation - fr_FR.
  7. Click menu File -> Save as.. -> change 'default' in filename to your locale (for example, change gourl-default to gourl-fr_FR for French localisation) ->
    and then save it in directory /wp-content/languages/plugins/ (see screenshot)
  8. Start to translate text. Simply find the text you want to translate, and add in your own language.
  9. Afterwards click File -> Save. You will then see your translation results on your website (reload webpage)

GoUrl PHP Payment Box

Available languages for GoUrl Payment Box: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Persian, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Hindi.

We can add your language localisation in the cryptocoin payment box (all texts can be displayed in your local language). To do this please first download this language file with the text in English. At the end of each line, please add your translation from English and send this text file with your translation back to us on email and we will include your translation.

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