Send notification of spelling errors to the webmaster (free script)

PHP Script - Webmaster Spelling Notifications

  • 100% Free Open Source PHP Script on
  • The script allows site visitors to send reports to the webmaster / website owner about any spelling or grammatical errors which may be found by readers
  • Visitors should select text with a mouse, press Ctrl+Enter, enter comments and the webmaster will be notified about any such errors
  • Nice and simple script - no external websites needed!
  • It is easy to integrate with any website!

  • Install on your website now -
  Download PHP Script   or     Download Wordpress Plugin


Live Demo

Select any text on this webpage and press CTRL+ENTER on your keyboard :)

PHP Spelling Notifications
Install free script and press CTRL+Enter on your webpage

Banner - Webmaster Spelling Notifications


  • Visitor can press Ctrl+Enter on your website when spelling or grammatical errors seem to need clarification or correction

    spelling or grammatical errors

  • Message has been successfully sent to you (as website owner / webmaster)

    email to webmaster

  • You will receive an email about spelling or grammatical error

    spelling or grammatical errors by email

  • *Settings Page (available for Wordpress Plugin only)

    Settings Page

A. Installation for Wordpress Plugin

  • Download wordpress plugin
  • Go to Wordpress Plugins > Add New
  • Click Upload Plugin Zip File
  • Upload the zipped gourl_wordpress file and click "Upload Now"
  • Go to Installed Plugins
  • Activate the "Webmaster Spelling Notifications"

B. Installation for PHP Script

  • Download php script (.rar archive)
  • Unpack (extract) the downloaded .rar archive to the gourlspelling directory in the root of your website
  • Open the file gourlspelling.php and place your emails in variables $to_email and $from_email

  • Place inside the <head> of your HTML pages -
    ... ...
	<link href="/gourlspelling/gourlspelling.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
	<script type="text/javascript" src="/gourlspelling/gourlspelling.js"></script>
	... ...

  • Place inside the <body> of your HTML pages (banner) -
    ... ...
	 <a href="" target="_blank"> 
	 	<img title="Webmaster Spelling Notifications" alt="Webmaster Spelling Notifications" src="/gourlspelling/gourlspelling.png" 
	 		width="95" height="95"> </a>
	... ...

  • When you are done, open your webpage in the browser and press CTRL+ENTER.

Congratulations! You have just installed and used Webmaster Spelling Notifications on your own webpage!

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