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GoUrl Monetiser Online allows you to sell your Music & Texts & Urls & Images & Video & Files online for cryptocoins - Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, etc. and then convert it to USD/EUR (instruction). Global, Secure, Zero Risk, No Chargebacks. Create Your Free GoUrl Payment Urls below (it protects your information from visitors directly proceeding and monetise it) and then share them on the web - twitter / forums / websites / etc. 

Make Money Online now ! We will forward you all cryptocoins received from your visitor payments to your wallet address.
Example1-Bitcoin,  and altcoin - Example2-Dogecoin-Sell-Images etc
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Private URL

Your URL (webpage/file url address) for Monetiser. Once visitors have made crypto payment to you, they will see this your private url and your private text below.
For example, you can place url on your password-protected file archive hosted on any of file sharing services (google drive, dropbox, etc) and in the text box below you can place its password on that archive

Private Text (optional)

Place Your Text for Monetiser here. Once visitors have made crypto payment to you, they will see your private url above and this your private text immediately (without waiting for transaction confirmations). 
If you want to wait for transaction confirmations first, before showing private text/url to your users, please use WooCommerce with our Woccommerce Bitcoin addon. Simple instructions are here.

Your Public Title

Your Public Title with Description of your url & text above. This public title will always be visible on the top of your payment page and will help website visitors understand your offer

Amount in Box
        or       USD

Enter sum in cryptocoins which you wish to receive from users. We will display it in your crypto payment box with a small fraction after the decimal point to uniquely identify each of your visitors individually. Or you can specify your price in USD. Payment box will automatically convert your USD amount to cryptocoin amount using daily live exchange rates (updated every 30 minutes). Using that functionality, you don't need to worry if cryptocurrency prices go down or go up. Users will pay you all times the actual price which is linked on current exchange price in USD on the time of payment. And you can use Cryptsy autosell feature - trade your cryptocoins to USD/BTC.

Your Wallet Address

All cryptocoins we receive from your visitors will be automatically forwarded to this wallet address

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